I work with clients to create and present next level virtual training, by providing education, design and support from concept to live delivery.
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Here to support you and make you look like a Super Star!

A Virtual Producer is responsible for providing support so that the presenter can focus on sharing their information with participants. The Virtual Producer is a vital resource, providing support before, during and after your session.

This support includes making sure the technology works smoothly, the presenter is comfortable, and looks and sounds great, as well as helping participants that may have any difficulties during the session.

Why try to do it all yourself? The Virtual Producer is there to take the burden off the presenter and allow the presenter to be comfortable in the virtual environment. A more comfortable presenter, is a more focused presenter and the participants will benefit.


Platform Training

Specialized training on some of the most popular online meeting and webinar platforms. Learn how to use the tools that can make your presentation stand out and have better engagement with your participants.

Virtual Production

Support before, during and after your webinar, online meeting or training Don’t try to do it all yourself, let a Virtual Producer provide vital support so that you are comfortable and can concentrate on being a rock star presenter. Your participants will thank you!

Virtual Conferences

Guidance for planning and executing single or multiple day conferences in a virtual environment. Single or multiple track sessions with support from Virtual Producers so the presenter can focus on their skillset.

Virtual Producer Training

Virtual Producers are a vital resource to presenters and the need is growing at a staggering pace as more and more businesses and individuals are turning to online meeting and webinar platforms to conduct meetings and trainings.


Jake Van Ness, Owner of Elevated Virtual

Jake Van Ness

Owner, Virtual Producer

Jake Van Ness is a creative entrepreneur, who has run a graphic design and marketing business for over 10 years. As a huge fan of online learning and participating in webinars, Jake recognized the growth occurring in the space. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the space exploded.

With so many people and businesses having to move to an virtual work environment, many struggled with the new technology and how to run meetings and trainings well. Jake learned about the Virtual Producer role and recognized it as a vital part of any successful virtual experience. Providing the support so that those who are presenting and facilitating can concentrate on their important role.

Elevated Virtual was created to help individuals and businesses work with the technologies available for virtual meetings and trainings, as well as provide the support they need so their meetings and trainings go smoothly and their participants get the most they can out of the sessions.

Jake has been involved as a Virtual Producer in hundreds of meetings and trainings, as well as worked with individuals and businesses to put on multi-day virtual conferences. He has provided training on a variety of platforms, as well as trained individuals to be Virtual Producers to support their companies and others providing trainings in virtual environments.


Having a virtual producer for an important meeting or event is like having a ship’s captain in stormy seas. Jake Van Ness, as a Virtual Producer, ensures your meetings are set up for success and conducted effectively. He’s calm under pressure. He’s resourceful and a great problem solver. He also has a great virtual presence when interacting with my clients. I’m proud to have him represent me.

Beth O'Neill

Principal, O'Neill Leadership

I’ve created a monster! Having introduced Jake to the world of virtual production, a skillset parallel to the podcasting, video editing, and graphic design experience he already has shown mastery over, I never would have guessed how quickly he’d embrace and expand on the nuanced skills in virtual producing. Jake is a go-to source and support for my business in a variety of capacities, and performs exceedingly well at producing across a variety of platforms. I’m comfortable enough to introduce him to client systems I’ve already got deep roots in, and he takes the projects off at a running pace. He’s reliable, resilient, and brings new insights to the evolving needs of virtual meetings and conferences. I highly recommend him, and if you hire someone else (other than me) I would encourage you to rethink your options.
Carl Grivakis

Owner, ...and We're Live and HolyCarp Design

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